Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Must Have!

all about the sneaker

all about the sneaker by kathleen-lavazoli featuring pink platform sneakers

A must have for this spring is without a doubt sneakers! Who knew that we would be saying something like that?! When people think sneakers, many think of just athletic ones that Moms and Dads wear while running around doing errands or ones that a person wears while working out. Your view on these are definitely going to change by the end of Spring season. Once Chanel included sneakers in their show, people have been incorporating them into their every day looks. You can even see on the bottom right that the shoe had to be somewhat influenced by the Chanel sneaker. Walking around campus I see people all the time adding the black Nike sneaker on the bottom row to their every day looks. I would have never guessed a year ago that this trend would have gotten this big. It is so simple to wear these shoes. You can virtually wear them with any outfit! Personally, I like the look of cropped jeans with sneakers. You can also cuff a pair jeans with them or wear boyfriend jeans. You can go with a more athletic sneaker or more fashionable one. So go out an experiment! You'll definitely want to be up on this trend this season!

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  1. I think this post is on point! Sneakers are definitely trending and a must have for this Spring! We once thought of sneakers as just being worn for athletic purposes, but today we see them being worn on a daily basis. Where sneakers were once thought of as plain, and boring, and for a specific purpose, today they have been reinvented. They have become a fashion statement piece on the simplest outfits. Although Nike has created many new styles that have become widely popular, we see designers taking sneakers to the next level. We see prints and patterns, and a variety of textures being used on sneakers. Sneakers today, combine elements of fashion and design, along with comfort.