Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Must Have!

all about the sneaker

all about the sneaker by kathleen-lavazoli featuring pink platform sneakers

A must have for this spring is without a doubt sneakers! Who knew that we would be saying something like that?! When people think sneakers, many think of just athletic ones that Moms and Dads wear while running around doing errands or ones that a person wears while working out. Your view on these are definitely going to change by the end of Spring season. Once Chanel included sneakers in their show, people have been incorporating them into their every day looks. You can even see on the bottom right that the shoe had to be somewhat influenced by the Chanel sneaker. Walking around campus I see people all the time adding the black Nike sneaker on the bottom row to their every day looks. I would have never guessed a year ago that this trend would have gotten this big. It is so simple to wear these shoes. You can virtually wear them with any outfit! Personally, I like the look of cropped jeans with sneakers. You can also cuff a pair jeans with them or wear boyfriend jeans. You can go with a more athletic sneaker or more fashionable one. So go out an experiment! You'll definitely want to be up on this trend this season!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cropped Jeans

Blog Post 4- Cropped Jeans

A style I have recently come across that I believe is going to be a huge hit this spring is cropped pants. I saw Danielle Bernstein from WeWoreWhat wearing them months ago, but it never really caught on. This is almost a signature style of her. Fall was all about the boyfriend jean. Everyone was wearing slouchy jeans that had tons of rips in them. This spring is all about the cropped straight leg jean. When shopping this weekend, I saw them almost everywhere. I got a pair for myself, surprisingly in the last place I would think- Hollister ( and they were on sale- added bonus). This look is so easy to wear. You can practically wear it with anything. The athletic shoe is really making big appearances, so it would especially look good with a pair of Adidas or Nikes. For tops, the possibilities are endless. I like the look of wearing a slouchy top and tying it in a knot. Use something like a basic tee. It's so simple, but adds a small statement to the outfit. So make sure you're on the look out! You'll definitely want to pick up a pair for yourself!

Photos courtesy of: Topshop, Forever 21, Zara, and Hollister.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

70s Disco

When creating a storyboard, my group decided to make a 70s themed disco board. When thinking of where to do a photo shoot, we wanted to definitely do it in a club. We didn't want just one model but three. They would be represented as best friends in the shoot. We wanted to get pictures of them just having a good time. They are represented as girls that we all want to be. It's a lifestyle shoot. They're all very laid back, always laughing and dancing, having a good time. We just want a lot of movement through dancing. All the garments will be loose in order to allow for the girls to move. There will be a disco ball and lots of lights just reflecting off each other at the shoot. We thought all the images on the story board represented our shoot very well. We wanted a lot of silver and gold, but also a lot of pops of color. The lights would reflect off the garments very well. We also wanted a lot of fur coats. The makeup would be bright and sparkly.

Look 1:
This look is for going out to a club. This look has more color rather than silver and gold. It is a fun look and the dress will reflect off the lights in the club. The loose dress allows for a lot of movement allowing her to dance the night away. The makeup also is very sparkly, which will just add to the disco look. 
(Jacket- Nasty Gal, Dress- Nordstrom, Bangle- Topshop, Bag- Moschino, Shoes- Nasty Gal).

Look 2:
This second look can also be another look for the club. Rather than going for a dress, this is more focused in on the hippie look of the time. The bell bottom pants are fun and again allow for movement for dancing. The fur jacket helps make a statement. The makeup adds a pop of color to add to the outfit. 
(Top- Forever21, Jacket- Forever21, Jewelry- Forever21, Pants- Balmain, Shoes- Nordstrom).

Look 3:
This final look is also a more casual look. It could again be worn out in the clubs. I focused in on the bell bottoms. With a top I chose a body suit, leaving it simple keeping the focus on the bell bottoms. A pink fur jackets makes the outfit fun. The silver eye makeup is inspired from the lights in the disco clubs. I kept the lips simple so that it is more focused on the eye makeup. 
(Jacket- Nasty Gal, Bodysuit- Asos, Pants- Free People, Bag- Moschino, Shoes- H&M).

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fringe Making a Comeback

Fringe Making a Comeback- Blog Post #2

Could it be possible? Could fringe ALREADY be making a come back? It seemed like just a few seasons ago fringe came in and out. It really is true that trends are coming back faster and faster. Fringe seems to be all over the runways. Designers are incorporating them into their collections in some way or another. It was a staple in the Rebecca Minkoff show. Almost every model had some type of fringe on them. They are being seen not only in the clothing but also majorly in the accessories including bags and shoes.

All photos courtesy of