Sunday, March 8, 2015

70s Disco

When creating a storyboard, my group decided to make a 70s themed disco board. When thinking of where to do a photo shoot, we wanted to definitely do it in a club. We didn't want just one model but three. They would be represented as best friends in the shoot. We wanted to get pictures of them just having a good time. They are represented as girls that we all want to be. It's a lifestyle shoot. They're all very laid back, always laughing and dancing, having a good time. We just want a lot of movement through dancing. All the garments will be loose in order to allow for the girls to move. There will be a disco ball and lots of lights just reflecting off each other at the shoot. We thought all the images on the story board represented our shoot very well. We wanted a lot of silver and gold, but also a lot of pops of color. The lights would reflect off the garments very well. We also wanted a lot of fur coats. The makeup would be bright and sparkly.

Look 1:
This look is for going out to a club. This look has more color rather than silver and gold. It is a fun look and the dress will reflect off the lights in the club. The loose dress allows for a lot of movement allowing her to dance the night away. The makeup also is very sparkly, which will just add to the disco look. 
(Jacket- Nasty Gal, Dress- Nordstrom, Bangle- Topshop, Bag- Moschino, Shoes- Nasty Gal).

Look 2:
This second look can also be another look for the club. Rather than going for a dress, this is more focused in on the hippie look of the time. The bell bottom pants are fun and again allow for movement for dancing. The fur jacket helps make a statement. The makeup adds a pop of color to add to the outfit. 
(Top- Forever21, Jacket- Forever21, Jewelry- Forever21, Pants- Balmain, Shoes- Nordstrom).

Look 3:
This final look is also a more casual look. It could again be worn out in the clubs. I focused in on the bell bottoms. With a top I chose a body suit, leaving it simple keeping the focus on the bell bottoms. A pink fur jackets makes the outfit fun. The silver eye makeup is inspired from the lights in the disco clubs. I kept the lips simple so that it is more focused on the eye makeup. 
(Jacket- Nasty Gal, Bodysuit- Asos, Pants- Free People, Bag- Moschino, Shoes- H&M).

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