Sunday, April 12, 2015

Off Figure Styling

Blog Post 6

Never would I have ever thought that culottes would come back into style. When I interned at ABS and Blue Pearl by Allen Schwartz last semester, we had them all over the showroom and I thought they were so ugly and so hard for anyone to pull them off. Last time I had seen pants like these they were gauchos and I was wearing them in elementary school (I am still ashamed that I had even worn them). As I am seeing them pop up more and more in the fashion world, they are starting to grow on me. Here is an example of what to pair them with. They are really easy to wear. I paired it with a tight crop top because they have so much flow and movement to them that I thought wearing it with a tight top was the right way to go. Throwing on a denim jacket is perfect for spring and pairing them with a cute pair of sunnies. I love the silhouette of these sunglasses. They are definitely going to be seen all over the place this summer. A pair of simple flats ties it all together. It is a pretty minimal look, yet so trendy.

Blog Post 6 by kathleen-lavazoli featuring high rise shorts

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  1. I love the wide leg pant you used paired with the light pink crop top. This pant silhouette is definitely starting to pick up in popularity especially with spring around the corner. The look you style is elegant and youthful AND so on trend. I would wear this outfit for a special occasion or casual day at work.