Saturday, April 25, 2015

Style Icon: Taylor Swift

This week I chose to write about a style icon of mine; Taylor Swift. I have always admired her style, but with her somewhat recent release of 1989, I think her style game has just gone to a completely new level. She is really into the crop tops and cut outs. I think these are definitely major trends that are present today. She wear a lot of matching sets, which are increasing in popularity- especially printed sets.

Look 1:
For the first look, I based it off an outfit Taylor wore to the SNL 40th anniversary. I really love the color blue she's wearing. I really think it fits her well. In keeping with that color, I chose a crop top of the same kind. I paired it with a white midi skirt to keep with her crop top looks. A simple piece of jewelry helps bring together the outfit. The shoes I chose to add something interesting to help make a statement. The outfit is pretty simplistic, so the shoes add something to it and attracts your eye.

Top: $30
Skirt: $49
Shoes: $60
Necklace: $118

Look 2:

I styled my second look based off a crop top and skirt set she wore at a concert. I really liked the cut out, so I chose a crop top with cut outs as well. I paired it with a flounce midi skirt. Midi skirts are definitely becoming more and more popular so I substituted it with that rather than a traditional high-waisted short skirt. I kept both the jewelry and shoes quite simple so that the look is mainly focused in on the top.

Top: $149
Skirt: $59
Shoes: $165
Bracelet: $40

Look 3:
My final (and favorite) look is based off a look Taylor wore to a press release event for her 1989 album. I really liked the set she wore. Based off that, I chose the one above. I like the cut outs covered with mesh in the skirt. I added a pair of pink heels for a bright pop of color! This outfit is perfect for spring and even summer! Add a pair of sunglasses like the ones above to pull the look all together!

Top: $23
Skirt: $34
Shoes: $68
Sunglasses: $160

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    I love Taylor Swift! She is my favorite singer and has definitely become a style icon of mine as well. I feel that her style has evolved so much since she first came out as an artist. She has definitely started to take more risks in fashion and has been nailing every single one of her looks. She knows what looks best on her and is always wearing an amazing outfit whether she is strutting down a red carpet or just going out for lunch with her friends. Her looks are also very stylish and easy to recreate. She has definitely caught the attention of many fashionistas out there and I'm excited to continue to see her style evolve.