Sunday, February 15, 2015

NYFW A/W 2015

NYFW A/W 2015 Blog Post #1

NYFW A/W 2015 Blog Post #1 by kathleen-lavazoli on Polyvore

A prevailing theme throughout all the NYFW shows so far is turtlenecks. Every show so far has shown this trend in some sort of way. From chunky knits to thinner more light knits, they are incorporated in some way. Some of them are higher and others just barely are a turtleneck. All three of these are in lighter hues which is different since we are usually used to darker hues for fall. People started picking up the trend this past fall, but now looks as if it will be featured in all fashion retailers beginning in the fall. Keep your eyes open because this coming fall the trend will be seen everywhere.

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  1. I have always liked turtlenecks, they are very sophisticated ans sexy, as well as warm! I have been wearing a lot of turtlenecks this winter :)

  2. I never really liked turtlenecks but they are being innovated into such fashionable garments that I have started to take liking towards them. And they are definitely a top trend this season, I have been seeing them everywhere.

  3. Love sweaters!! They are so comfortable and warm for fall and winter, so many different styles and ways to wear them. Love how the picture on the left is a sweater being worn in a more dressed down, street style look while the other two are dressed up and you could wear to work!